When we celebrated the recent launch of our Perth office, we were honoured to have Aunty Carol – Carol Pettersen, OAM – read a Noongar prayer to bless our new venture in the west.

Aunty Carol has provided her permission to share the prayer and her image here.


We gather here today, as we have done for aeons of years, as life continues

We have been given the duty to live in balance and harmony with each other and all living things

We particularly give Thanks to our Mother Earth, for she sustains our existence and all that we need in life as she nurtures us in her warm and loving bosom


She continues to give us joy as she continues to care for us in our journeys and life travels

We give Thanks

We give Thanks to our Ancient guiding spirits for providing us with the strength and commitment in continuing our ancient practices.

Our Spirits are part of our existence…we know its powers in many forms

We know of Koolya the early morning mist that cleanse and replenish our landscapes for a new day

We know of Ngungarn (Nungarn) the sun…the source of fires in all our Men

Of Miak..the moon that lights up our darkest hours the leader of our Women

The Jindas, the jewels of our night skies that guide our travellers and symbolic of our children…our futures ……our Dreams

The beautiful melodies of the songbirds

The flutter of the many breezes that purify our air that kisses our faces every day.

We give thanks

Our Moort…… the many families of trees- our Families

Our symbols of growth, strength,  unity and peace

Everything we need is provided by our Mother Earth, here on our world.

Our Mother asks only two things of us and that is to care for our land and our waterways, our lifelines

For all the love around us, we gather today as one and give Thanks to our Creator

May we continue to be protected by our Ancestors guiding spirits as we continue our travels in our lifes journey.

May you too, give thanks and blessing to your Creator

I give you my blessing from Noongar Boodja