CEO Liza Janakievski and Chairman Oscar Fabian toast Giles Wade’s past success and future opportunities

Last week the team gathered to celebrate Giles Wade’s eleventh year in business – eleven years of CEO Liza Janakievski and our experienced advisory team delivering quality strategic advice, asset management and tax compliance solutions to help our HNW clients meet their financial and lifestyle goals.

While it’s unusual to mark an eleven year anniversary, the tenth was celebrated by the team via video link, thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown.




CEO Liza Janakievski, Chairman Oscar Fabian and director Jeff Oughton cut the delicious anniversary cake

A great part of our success comes from our people – the advisory team, our board, our shareholders and external stakeholders. Each team member has been selected for their expertise, experience and the specific knowledge and capability they bring to their roles.

The anniversary event, held at The George on Collins in Melbourne, was all the more special because it was an opportunity to bring together and thank all of those who have been part of our exciting journey over the past eleven years.

As Giles Wade’s Chairman Oscar Fabian said during his speech, ‘having come so far, it will be great to see what we can achieve over the next decade’.