The Giles Wade Foundation was established in 2014 with a primary purpose to provide assistance for the education, training and support of Indigenous people.

Through the Giles Wade Foundation, we have donated to the Cathy Freeman Foundation, Redfern Foundation, Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC), AIME Mentoring and the Forum for Directors of Indigenous Organisations (FDIO).

We are currently working with both Gumala and South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC) to establish programs for the purpose of education and training.


Gumala Aboriginal Corporation is one of the largest Aboriginal corporations, serving the Bunjima, Yinhawangka and Nyiyaparli people of the Pilbara region in Western Australia. Gumala’s unique and transformational approach to poverty alleviation in a socially complex environment is enabling economic, social and community developmental solutions for Traditional Owners.



Working with the Noongar People

Giles Wade CEO Liza Janakievski has worked with SWALSC since 2016. She was recently appointed as an independent member of the South West Settlement Pre-Trust Nominations Committee, which is responsible for the selection of appropriate candidates for appointment as directors on the boards of the Noongar Advisory Company (NAC) and the Investment Committee.

SWALSC is a representative body of the Noongar people, the traditional owners of the South West of Australia. SWALSC works with its members to find resolution for native title claims as well as advancing the Noongar Culture, language, heritage and society.

The organisation aims to create and sustain a community vision connected to the future, one in which elders and young people work together.